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Coaches In Person 2024 Mandatory Meetings

Umpire money, game balls and picture form pickup:
Location: Ford Field
Date: April 26, 2024
Time: 5-7pm

Equipment Pickup and key distribution 
Location: Ford Field
Date: March 24, 2024
Time: 4-6pm

It is mandatory that at least one coach from each team attends the in person coaches meeting for their respective division; however, all coaches are encouraged to attend these informative meetings.

Tee Ball Division Coaches walk through
Location: Back Diamond Fairfield
Date: April, 21, 2024

Coach Pitch Division Coaches walk through
Location: Back Diamond Ford Field
Date: April, 21, 2024

Modified Kid Pitch Division Coaches walk through 
Location: Front Diamond Ford Field
Date: April, 21, 2024

Major Division Coaches walk through 
Date: April, 21, 2024
Location: Front Diamond Ford Field

Abuse Awareness for Adults

Required for all MLL coaches and volunteers

Link to complete Abuse Awareness for Adults

USA Baseball and Safeport that Little League requires for all coaches and volunteers. When you create an account with USA Baseball, please select ‘Maumee LL’ in the drop down list for Little League - Local Leagues.

Game Changer App

GameChanger App

GameChanger is an app for your phone that integrates with SportsConnect. 

Importing Your Team from Sports Connect to GameChanger

Before importing your team, you must download the GameChanger app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)

Additionally, make sure that:

  • You are using the same email address for GameChanger that you use for Sports Connect
  • You are an allocated volunteer for your team on the Sports Connect site. 


How to import your Sports Connect Team

1. Sign in to GameChanger with the same email address you use with Sports Connect

2. Tap Create Team or the "+" sign to create a new team

3. Choose the option to Import Sports Connect 

4. If you haven't already confirmed your email address, click Open Email App which will direct you to your email. Select Confirm Email Address, and you'll be redirected back to the GameChanger app.

5. Select the team(s) to import. Make sure the team(s) you want to import have a check next to them, and then tap import in the upper corner of the screen. You will see the status of teams importing at the bottom of the screen. 

This feature will import player/schedule information into the mobile app. Schedule and Roster updates made after the team import will automatically sync within the mobile app. 

Note: You can only import your team from Sports Connect to GameChanger one time.


Sports Connect Tutorials



Game Reporting

Reporting Scores

The home team manager is responsible to update the game's final score.

To input your team's score:

1. Navigate to your team page and click the Calendar tab.

2. On the calendar page, click on Results.

3. Enter the run totals and click Enter.

Player Equipment


The league provides hat and jersey.


All players should have a glove that fits the player's hand (not too big).  Glove sizes are in inches.  A general rule of thumb for glove sizes is as follows

  •  9” to 10” for players 5-6 years old

  • 9 1/2” to 10 1/2” for players 7-8 yrs old

  • 10” to 10 1/2” for players 9-10 yrs old

  • 10 1/2” to 11” for players 11-12 yrs old


All players must wear a batting helmet.  Batting helmets also require a facemask. 


Boys in coach pitch and above must wear a protective cup.


We ask that all players have their own bat.  Before buying, review Little League's bat requirements (see below).

Bats have what is called a "drop" number.  This is calculated by subtracting the length from the weight.  So a 20 oz bat that is 30 inches long is a -10 or drop 10. Drop numbers bats for Majors and below range from -10 to -14. Heavier baseball bats provide more power, while lighter baseball bats will give a player more bat control and increased bat speed. The exact weight will be a personal preference. As far as length the following chart provides good guidelines.

Bat Requirements (Baseball)

Click here for detailed information on baseball bat rules from Little League. The USABat Standard gives our young baseball players the benefits of using non-wood bats that have a better weight-balance, are easier for younger players to handle, and are more durable, while providing the response to many who believe the game should be played with wood bats. The new USABat standard is a performance standard only.

Tee Ball Divisions

  • USA Baseball marking and accompanying text

Coach Pitch Divisions

  • USA Baseball marking and accompanying text

Modified Kid Pitch & Major Divisions

  • USA Baseball marking

Click here for detailed information on bat rules from Little League. 

Other optional equipment

  • Cleats (plastic cleats until Intermediate division; sneakers can be used otherwise)

  • Batting gloves

  • Sliding shorts

  • Bat bag

  • Eye black

  • Batting tee or a throwback screen for practice at home.


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